The right nutrition before a physical activity.

It is very important to opt for a right and balanced diet, which guarantees an appropriate energy input, whatever physical activity you want to do.


What are the foods to be consumed before any sports activity? Here are our tips for you:





You must never perform a fasting physical activity for too long. Plan a full meal up to three or four hours before training time and place small snacks up to 30 minutes before the activity starts.





If you practice physical activity in the early hours of the day and you have difficulty eating a real meal, the advice is to prepare dinner the night before with a good share of carbohydrates: a plate of pasta or rice, with simple and light seasonings, together with a portion of vegetables and one of fruit. The following morning it will be sufficient to hydrate properly and choose a light snack.





In the event that physical activity is scheduled for lunch or dinner, the food day must be organized starting from breakfast. An abundant mid-morning snack or two smaller snacks "will replace" the lunch and a snack in the first 30-40 minutes after the end of the sports session, will allow you to recover the energy spent.





Follow the principles of the Mediterranean diet, without forgetting at least 5 portions a day of seasonal fruits and vegetables.